Deisgn - Build Decoration 2020



Franco Cappellini, president of CC, attended the event ‘Design- Build Decoration’ 2020 organised by Marazzi on the 23rd of November at the Red Star Macalline building, underlining the role of Cornelio Cappellini in the Chinese market concerning design, build and decoration.
CC Cornelio Cappellini believes that 2020 will be the year of the “one stop service” , where customers can be guided by the design group together with companies like us to dress every house project like dressing the accessories of a woman.
Cornelio Cappellini partner in town Shanghai Lushi Co., through its CEO Mark Zhu can also support both CC Cornelio Cappellini and a design group like IDA company to create the best furniture matching.
IDA company, mainly through Arch. Gennaro De Angelis that CC Cornelio Cappellini has been collaborating more than 10 years with, are perfectly able to interpret this new trend suggesting the best choices in terms of architecture, soft decoration and furniture selection.