Cornelio Cappellini’s Rebranding strategy


Market changes and brands must also follow this evolution.
New products, a contemporary and refined concept are the basis of the company rebranding that led to the introduction of the new logo HESSENTIA in a process of renewal that has represented in recent years a decisive stylistic evolution.
HESSENTIA | Cornelio Cappellini highlights and consolidates the corporate vision by enhancing the craftsmanship and tailoring of the collections, expressions of careful stylistic and material research.
The name comes from the Latin “essentia", understood as the synthesis of the complexity that determines its value and inimitability (uniqueness).
The corporate rebranding involves the entire marketing area, from digital enhancement to all activities aimed at strengthening the brand image.
The new vision has the goal to create fluid ambiences, with a versatile proposal in terms of product sizes and a wide range of finishes.
A "mix and match" of different items, sizes and materials, able to create a harmonious atmosphere and enhance the identity of each home.